Monday, November 22, 2010

Application of Al-Qur'an

This application is the same as eQuran applications, together The Qur'an presents in digital form portable easy to carry and easy to read anywhere.
It's just have some difference.
This application provides a translation into Indonesian.
Indonesian translation came from Al-Quran Digital 2.1
(Translation kick).

Provide a list of the prayers contained in these letters Al-Quran.
Available interpretation of some letters in the English language (Only available to 8 letters).
For ease of reading, the text the user can zoom in and zoom out.

Can set whether the display text in Arabic, Indonesian or both.
Search words can be arranged by language, words and phrases.
The application also provides features for easy bookmarks read the time on the other.
Also accompanied by an explanation and Asbabun nuzul ( causes of these verses)

This application can be downloaded at available also for mobile java.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Applications eQuran

These applications provide convenience to users in reading the verses of Al-qur'an wherever they located.
Could be on the road, at home, in the mosque, being relaxed and others.
With the display in the Arabic text and text translation.

The verses of the Qur'an presented a complete 3 - Juz 114 letters.
Equipped to facilitate the search index or paragraph letter.
Search features based on the words and translations of Arabic text.
Availabilit bookmarks to save the last paragraph that has been read.
To abbreviate the time to read, available Go to the verses and also Go to page which will directly lead to a page or a specific letter.

With full-color display make the user feel at home reading the Al-Qur'an with this application.
available for mobile phones with Java platform. If interested to try it can directly be downloaded at
Http: / /
This article is taken from magazines SMS hopefully useful.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Reminders on Salat and Imsakiyah Backbarry State Children's work

Does not feel ramadhan again greeted, entered the moon is full of grace, the nuances of religion increasingly felt wrap each joint the life of every Muslim around the world, including Indonesia.
Various preparations of Ramadhan of course already done all Muslims.

While connected to a particular technology, Mobile, various religious application was as a compulsory menu
downloaded on mobile phone.
Of the many applications that were found religion, but there is one I think is certainly easy to use for your users BlackBarry handphone.

Applications developed by Achmed Wasolim Ferdyansyah, Abdul Aziz Rahman and Dwian Rusendro.
Is an application that serves as a reminder of time praying and Ruling and designed specifically for users BlackBarry.
Ang application is made within approximately two weeks of such use english-language user interface, it is intended to be used around the world.

Although still regarded the new, apparently getting a response aplilasi wasolim good enough.
In addition to downloading from the ground water users, applications have also Wasolim in foreign countries such as the user downloads the user in Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Japan, and even users in neighboring countries, Malaysia also has begun Download it.

In brief, the working principle of this application are reminded prayer schedule
Daily and monthly for GPS-based or from a cell phone base stations.
So when someone in another city, simply write the name of the city and wasolim applications automatically as soon give prayer schedule in accordance respective cities.

In addition wasolim application also comes with google maps with using coordinates from Google, so this application directly can submit a schedule according to local time.
For users who do not want to miss BlackBarry prayer schedule and imsakiyah, during Ramadan, it never hurts to download applications child domestic work to your BlackBerry.

This application info I get from magazines SMS, if you want to download This web application, please visit: Http://
Hopefully you can add a collection of applications. I give this info
I say a lot, many thanks for reading this paper.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Social networks With User Location

There are many ways of weeks to make friends.
One current trend is to use social network.
The names such as Facebook, Twitter, or friendster would have attached to his ear.

Along with the development of GPS technology in smartphones, social networking applications even
do not want to lose competitiveness.
By combining the ability to monitor the location, the interaction between friends became
In addition to shared wall, add comments, pictures, videos and accounts of friends, now
you also can tell which is currently located and shows the locations
favorite visited.

Is Foursquare, a new application service which is now starting in love
in the homeland.
Foursquare Services provides a variety of cool features, namely:

1. You can notify the Foursquare friends, facebook, or twitter you where now you are.

2. You can do the check-in: the term to notify a particular location or place
     to your friends as well as providing commentary on the place. Sbagai Example
    You can check in a restaurant that has been on the mark in the Foursquare then provide
     comment about a favorite food, service, and atmosphere of the restaurant.

3. if there are many interesting places and there is no marking on the map Foursquare, you can
    mark their own and share them so your friends in Foursquare, facebook, and twitter
    can know the location.

4. Foursquare can be integrated with facebook and twitter, so the information you
    for the wall on facebook and twitter.

5. Foursquare current can be applied on mobile phone iPhone, Blackbarry, Adroid affairs.
    Multiplatform nature makes you stay connected with other friends although with a different type of phone.

please visit the following website:


iPhone      :

Android    :

to download applikasinya and congratulations have fun.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Rejecting calls NotNow subtly

There are times when you have so many busy so it does not want to be bothered by sounds or vibrations from mobile phone calls. Related to this condition, often you leave or close calls that might result in misunderstanding of the caller.

In such conditions, the caller need not fear misunderstanding thanks notnow applications. This application is quite necessary, especially in certain situations such as when in the cinema, when driving, or any other condition that does not allow you to receive phone calls.

Very easy to use NotNOw. Simply pressing the reject button on the phone, then can choose the template option is already available for these applications can automatically send a message to callers that you are in a position can not receive phone calls.

Features provided enough variety for a simple application. Like to send messages automatically when a call or sending a message mereject can also be sent through the length of your ringtone that has been previously set.

Since sending messages directly, the filter menu options are available that can be used for selecting the activation of applications. This can only be performed on certain number you have selected. If it's on a particular day or a particular moment does not want to be disturbed. Menu 'dot not disturb' will automatically mereject all calls that are directly related and calendar applications that do not disturb these features work well. Ok to get the application please click HERE

Thursday, November 11, 2010

ITriage Alternative Health Info

Ever have one nearby where you experience the beginning of a disease or network penyakt?. Respon first general panic, and that includes things fair. From the check directly to the doctor who would charge a fee, it never hurts to try first iTriage applications.

As a medical application, as the handle is more iTriage you want to know when urgent or general diseases, symptoms, and ways to overcome first. Content offered by this application is complete enough. Unfortunately, some of the available menus and features can only be used in some countries, but most of the menu can be used successfully.

Its use is pretty easy, let's say if your closest relatives have symptoms of the disease, it can simply select the menu Symptoms, thereby automatically mendapatkn initial response of some diseases that may be affected on your relatives are. Not only that, the menu options such as treatment, including a very helpful feature category.

ITriage applications, can be a first-aid equipment as well as P3K or at least serve as a guide or handle applications that are quite unique, and alternatives to obtain medical information in the case. At least you are no longer using the speculation that only aggravate the situation from a relative who is ill or perhaps to yourself joints.
to get this application please download HEREgood luck.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Activate GPRS via OTA

Activate GPRS via OTA

Currently terprnting feature is its ability to remedy a mobile phoneaccess the data.
Section, the activity with cell phones has been growing, from just call and send SMS to social browsing, open social networking, chat.
However, that does not understand why the user is to connect with Internet RUIM card must already gives a chance.
As such, the User can operate on a GPRS network or, if necessary, 3G.

GPRS settings on mobile phones fall into two, namely manual and automatic.
Manual setting is more advisable for the local brand mobile phone.
To them such a Nokia globally. LG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, or BlackBerry, arrangements can be made via SMS aka OTA (over the air).
Noteworthy is because of the many brands and types of mobile phones and telecommunications products from your card, the way the setting is also was different.

GPRS service activation needs to be done to ensure users mobile phones can access the data.
Generally, in addition to setting GPRS, MMS settings and also carried out 3G.
For operator Telkomsel whose products consist of sympathy, As, Hello cards and, before making the settings, users must enable GPRS service.
How, Type SMS GPRS on no card
(There is no behind the chip card) and send to 6616.

Tariff of Rp 350 per SMS message.
After that, after that the system will provide an SMS notification message
that the maximal activation requests are processed 49 hours.
3G activation is done by typing 3G and send to 3636.

XL GPRS activation is done by
type your mobile phone brands GPRS handset send to 9667.
To activate MMS type mobile phone brands send to 9667.

Different brands sometimes makes the way different types of different GPRS settings.
With more and more local mobile phone brand, sometimes, there is a type mobile phone who can not gives a chance with the general parameters. especially, a new type of supply.
Therefore, as a security measure, when buying a local brand mobile phone sure there are instructions GPRS settings.
Typically, for a local mobile phone brand that already has a name, inside the package sales have been included use of the instructions sheet.

If you wish to GPRS settings from a user-Indosat IM3, Mentari, and Matrix, users can choose between GPRS volume based or duration based.
For volume based, type GPRS mobile phone brand mobile phone type  send to 3000. Free SMS charges.
If you want to type the duration of the duration based type mobile phone brands send to 3000.
If you want to get broadband service, type 3G mobile phone brands type phones send to 3000.
If you want to set manually, the guidelines also differ. (Aan/c1/tia)