Friday, November 19, 2010

Reminders on Salat and Imsakiyah Backbarry State Children's work

Does not feel ramadhan again greeted, entered the moon is full of grace, the nuances of religion increasingly felt wrap each joint the life of every Muslim around the world, including Indonesia.
Various preparations of Ramadhan of course already done all Muslims.

While connected to a particular technology, Mobile, various religious application was as a compulsory menu
downloaded on mobile phone.
Of the many applications that were found religion, but there is one I think is certainly easy to use for your users BlackBarry handphone.

Applications developed by Achmed Wasolim Ferdyansyah, Abdul Aziz Rahman and Dwian Rusendro.
Is an application that serves as a reminder of time praying and Ruling and designed specifically for users BlackBarry.
Ang application is made within approximately two weeks of such use english-language user interface, it is intended to be used around the world.

Although still regarded the new, apparently getting a response aplilasi wasolim good enough.
In addition to downloading from the ground water users, applications have also Wasolim in foreign countries such as the user downloads the user in Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Japan, and even users in neighboring countries, Malaysia also has begun Download it.

In brief, the working principle of this application are reminded prayer schedule
Daily and monthly for GPS-based or from a cell phone base stations.
So when someone in another city, simply write the name of the city and wasolim applications automatically as soon give prayer schedule in accordance respective cities.

In addition wasolim application also comes with google maps with using coordinates from Google, so this application directly can submit a schedule according to local time.
For users who do not want to miss BlackBarry prayer schedule and imsakiyah, during Ramadan, it never hurts to download applications child domestic work to your BlackBerry.

This application info I get from magazines SMS, if you want to download This web application, please visit: Http://
Hopefully you can add a collection of applications. I give this info
I say a lot, many thanks for reading this paper.