Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Social networks With User Location

There are many ways of weeks to make friends.
One current trend is to use social network.
The names such as Facebook, Twitter, or friendster would have attached to his ear.

Along with the development of GPS technology in smartphones, social networking applications even
do not want to lose competitiveness.
By combining the ability to monitor the location, the interaction between friends became
In addition to shared wall, add comments, pictures, videos and accounts of friends, now
you also can tell which is currently located and shows the locations
favorite visited.

Is Foursquare www.foursquare.com, a new application service which is now starting in love
in the homeland.
Foursquare Services provides a variety of cool features, namely:

1. You can notify the Foursquare friends, facebook, or twitter you where now you are.

2. You can do the check-in: the term to notify a particular location or place
     to your friends as well as providing commentary on the place. Sbagai Example
    You can check in a restaurant that has been on the mark in the Foursquare then provide
     comment about a favorite food, service, and atmosphere of the restaurant.

3. if there are many interesting places and there is no marking on the map Foursquare, you can
    mark their own and share them so your friends in Foursquare, facebook, and twitter
    can know the location.

4. Foursquare can be integrated with facebook and twitter, so the information you
    for the wall on facebook and twitter.

5. Foursquare current can be applied on mobile phone iPhone, Blackbarry, Adroid affairs.
    Multiplatform nature makes you stay connected with other friends although with a different type of phone.

please visit the following website:

Blackbarry: http://foursquare.com/blackberry/beta

iPhone      : http://itunes.com/app/foursquare

Android    : http://www.android.com/market

to download applikasinya and congratulations have fun.