Monday, November 15, 2010

Rejecting calls NotNow subtly

There are times when you have so many busy so it does not want to be bothered by sounds or vibrations from mobile phone calls. Related to this condition, often you leave or close calls that might result in misunderstanding of the caller.

In such conditions, the caller need not fear misunderstanding thanks notnow applications. This application is quite necessary, especially in certain situations such as when in the cinema, when driving, or any other condition that does not allow you to receive phone calls.

Very easy to use NotNOw. Simply pressing the reject button on the phone, then can choose the template option is already available for these applications can automatically send a message to callers that you are in a position can not receive phone calls.

Features provided enough variety for a simple application. Like to send messages automatically when a call or sending a message mereject can also be sent through the length of your ringtone that has been previously set.

Since sending messages directly, the filter menu options are available that can be used for selecting the activation of applications. This can only be performed on certain number you have selected. If it's on a particular day or a particular moment does not want to be disturbed. Menu 'dot not disturb' will automatically mereject all calls that are directly related and calendar applications that do not disturb these features work well. Ok to get the application please click HERE