Friday, October 29, 2010

phone features affect the price

With many requests, the craze over local mobile phone brand.
Specified price variations and features embedded technology are two of the reasons for the conduction of many phones made in china.
For example, Taxco which offers a selection of species for low-end segment middle.
one species in the middle which rely Taxco is W2.

Type is Dual GSM mobile phones with multimedia features standard.
There is a shortcut menu of FM radio in mobile phone qwerty keypad so users repotmasuk not need to display main menu to search for radio stations favorite.
The radio can be played without having to use earphones, it is clear Winardi, manager
Era image of operational communications, as a distributor of Taxco.

The cell phone equipped with GPRS internet connection with 2-inch LCD screen, camera, MP3 player, and also support external memory slot up to 2 gigabytes.
However, the phone does not support bluetooth or wifi.
Another feature is the flash located at the rear.
Besides useful to help capture the critical moment, the lights could be a flashlight.
How to use it, simply press the space for a few seconds.
Height is a type of VX Taxco who began to market nine rare because the high enthusiasm. (Aan/c7/tia)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

PHP Program in Mobile

Php Program in Mobile

You've heard PHP, for those of you who never attended school or who are high school
lecture today, may already be familiar with PHP programming language.
PHP is one of the programming being done to create a basic website in addition to HTML.

By using this programming language you can create a website in accordance with your wishes.
PHP is pretty hard to explain if you have never tried to use it one bit, but if you've never tried or studied it, the application PHP mobile is quite handy for you, which is busy and learning difficulties PHP.

Usefulness of this application, very useful to help you memorize the codes PHP with how to write in the phone and then try to change this by a little touch of setting that is in the application.

Applications are downloaded from this what you get for free, and can be installed in Symbian phones, by following the steps as follows:

- After successfully downloading this Mobile PHP applications via computer, step
The next is to transfer the application to your phone via bluetooth or can use the data cable / card reader.

- Then do the installation by following the steps well existing installation at install time.

- If you've successfully installed PHP applications this mobile, now try running.

- After a successful run, you will find a blank look like a notepad already filled in the initial display and the cover of PHP.
You can fill PHP language you want to make, then save it with simply pressing abc next to> select file> Save As. Decide where to store you want to use, can be saved in external memory or internal.

- To write the symbol that is required in writing the PHP language, you can
using the numbers 1 and 0.

By using this mobile PHP application, you will not be difficult if a when you need a PHP language that you are made to be on the run on a laptop or PC, simply unplug and mentrasnfernya memory card to your PC or laptop and direct you try running.
Or if you forget when you're learning on campus, you simply open your mobile phone
to see the PHP language that has been created, without having to bother to open the book.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bowling Superstars

The primary mission of Bowling Superstars game is very simple: just enough heavy ball rolling over the shiny polished wooden track slippery for the pin-shaped bottles lined dropped as much as possible.

You also can choose one of six types of cartoon characters that players can be used as a bowling champion in the sport, of course, each character has its own strengths and skills and different in terms of strength, the ability to play the ball through phone games this and accuracy play ball.

To throw a ball through phone games, just do three times the click, the first to set the direction of the ball on the line sheet, which second set the third round and set the power ball throw.

It's not as easy as imagined by movement direction very quickly, but that's what makes it even more interesting.
You can not repeat the wrong pitch, and the point will still be calculated.
This has been a challenge in this game to always produce an accurate throw to make STRIKE (drops all the pins in one throw the ball) and produces the highest record.

To download this Bowlig Superstars  mobile game, you can download mobile phone games Bowling Superstars via the link below:
safe play

Nokia E7

Nokia E7 is a business smartphone that comes into the ranks of E series
and use the Symbian system ^ 3.
Nokia E7 is equipped with a touch-sensitive screen 4inci using
latest features that are named Nokia ClearBlack, which enables
the display screen remains visible even in direct sunlight.
In addition, Nokia E7 is equipped with a Qwerty keyboard, 16GB of internal memory,
8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash and support for HD video recording
720 mAh, 802.11n WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS, aGPS and WLAN
positioning, support HSPDA 10.2 Mb / s and HSUPA 2Mb / s, battery capacity
1200 mAh HDMI port, Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound and is equipped with
applications such as F-Scure antitheft, Quickoffice, World Traveler and
Ovi Map.
Nokia E7 claimed to be able to record HD-quality video, then the user can
enjoy it via an HDMI port and support for Dolby Digital Plus
surround is on this phone.
To connect with the internet, this smartphone is equipped with a connection
HSDPA (3.5 G).
As for surfing via a hotspot, which is equipped with a connection mobile
HDMI is already provided free Wi-Fi.
The price is on offer around 635 USD.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New phone Nokia C7 and Nokia C6

Nokia C7

is a smartphone that moves on Symbian OS 3, suitable for social networking with a design that indahdan beautiful.
Three front screen can be personalized with your contacts, applications, and others. Touch screen control is easier, more intuitive.
Updates directly from social networks like Facebook and twitteralso receive new email from Gmail account Yahoo! or directly at main screen. Nokia C7 presenting features 3.5-inch AMOLED display and a combination of riveting of steel, glass, and smooth corners.Capture high quality pictures and HD video with 8 megapixel camera. With music in setero car with an integrated FM transmitter. estimated retail price of EUR 335 before taxes and subsidies.

Nokia C6

After the initial version of Nokia C6 is present in the community, there is a version of Nokia C6-01 who claimed to be better than usual version of the Nokia C6. Desian to the body made of steel and thicker satinless
compared to Nokia C7.
And Nokia C6-01 also can record HD video as well. Not to forget also free voice guided GPS navigation on this phone. Nokia C6-01 103.8x13.9 mm in size and use your CPU ARM 11 with 680 MHz clock. To accommodate the data, the Nokia C6-01 using the NAND memory of 1GB. 256MB SDRAM, and external memory up to 32GB using microSD. This phone has 8 megapixel camera and dual LED Flash outofocus. Unfortunately, because the user interface seems to still use
Symbian Symbian version of the old rather than ^ 3. Nokia C6-01 this will tersedian in 2 colors: black and white. The Nokia C6-01 around 280 euros.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type

Success with C3, vendors nokia Nokia finally released a variant of C,
namely Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type Mobile with features that are pretty cool.
Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type uses a 2.4 inch touch screen and numeric keypad.
Satinless steel casing appear quite elegant and simple but looks expensive.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Nokia 5250

Nokia 5250 uses an area of 2.8-inch touch screen is also
supported by Symbian OS version 60 and terahir.
With a 2 MP camera, equipped with a music player and FM radio.
In addition to the music player, on the front served
social networking applications, such as Facebook and MySpace.
For the e-mail, users can log on more than one e-mail.
Can Ovi Mail, Gmail, and Yahoomail, as simple as entering
account instant messeger (IM).
Internal memory is quite small, only 51Mb.
However, this capacity can be tricked with microSD memory cards
up to 16GB, enough to hold about 4,000 songs.

To access the data, the Nokia 5250 is equipped with EGDE,
plus Bluetooth and microUSB 2.0.
The Nokia 5250 priced at 115 euros.
Reportedly, this product will be available
uniformly in the fourth quarter of this year.

6 New Nokia Phone

Nokia continues to increase cell phone range by introducing new product variants.
About 6 mobile re-launched by the Finnish manufacturer,
including the Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type, Nokia 5250,
Nokia C3-01 Touch and type, Nokia C7, C6-01 Nokia, Nokia E7.

X3-02 Nokia Touch is a phone with a classic candybar
design that uses a numeric keypad.
And that makes the Nokia x3-02 unique and interesting
is this phone has a touch screen.
In the near future, Nokia X3 Touch and Type reportedly
will tersedian for china market, Ireland, Portugal,
Inggiris, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore,
Germany, Spayol, France, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen,
while in Indonesia itself has not known.

It poses a 2.4-inch touchscreen display, 5MP camera with fixed-focus,
FM radio, WiFi, 3G support and much more.
Not only that, even this phone is also reportedly going to use the
brand Comes With Music is converted into Ovi Music Unlimited.
So the latest Nokia mobile phone calls as a phone-oriented music.
this phone will be priced at about $ 161.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

UC WEB, Forms & Applications Other Atmosphere Browser To Your Mobile Java MIDP 2.0

Free application (Freeware) is basically speak mandarin, but we can choose an English-language version, perfect for those of you who like to hunt a new application for your favorite phone.
In addition to opera mini as a browser application UCWEB very supportive for those of you who like to browse the site - particularly the mobile site that begins with a wap site (wapsite) because it was designed specifically for mobile devices.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Full Screen Caller v3.0.S60v3.SymbianOS9

If your hobby or Calling calling other people, you make your application interesting.
The old version is but for Symbian S60 v2, but now comes the newest version for the latest mobile phone from Symbian S60 v3.
This application is very good for those of you who want to display one's photos or when a call comes it will appear full-screen images in question and previous contacts have been in the settings, application is called FULL SCREEN CALLER