Friday, October 15, 2010

Nokia 5250

Nokia 5250 uses an area of 2.8-inch touch screen is also
supported by Symbian OS version 60 and terahir.
With a 2 MP camera, equipped with a music player and FM radio.
In addition to the music player, on the front served
social networking applications, such as Facebook and MySpace.
For the e-mail, users can log on more than one e-mail.
Can Ovi Mail, Gmail, and Yahoomail, as simple as entering
account instant messeger (IM).
Internal memory is quite small, only 51Mb.
However, this capacity can be tricked with microSD memory cards
up to 16GB, enough to hold about 4,000 songs.

To access the data, the Nokia 5250 is equipped with EGDE,
plus Bluetooth and microUSB 2.0.
The Nokia 5250 priced at 115 euros.
Reportedly, this product will be available
uniformly in the fourth quarter of this year.