Friday, October 29, 2010

phone features affect the price

With many requests, the craze over local mobile phone brand.
Specified price variations and features embedded technology are two of the reasons for the conduction of many phones made in china.
For example, Taxco which offers a selection of species for low-end segment middle.
one species in the middle which rely Taxco is W2.

Type is Dual GSM mobile phones with multimedia features standard.
There is a shortcut menu of FM radio in mobile phone qwerty keypad so users repotmasuk not need to display main menu to search for radio stations favorite.
The radio can be played without having to use earphones, it is clear Winardi, manager
Era image of operational communications, as a distributor of Taxco.

The cell phone equipped with GPRS internet connection with 2-inch LCD screen, camera, MP3 player, and also support external memory slot up to 2 gigabytes.
However, the phone does not support bluetooth or wifi.
Another feature is the flash located at the rear.
Besides useful to help capture the critical moment, the lights could be a flashlight.
How to use it, simply press the space for a few seconds.
Height is a type of VX Taxco who began to market nine rare because the high enthusiasm. (Aan/c7/tia)