Monday, November 1, 2010

Activate GPRS via OTA

Activate GPRS via OTA

Currently terprnting feature is its ability to remedy a mobile phoneaccess the data.
Section, the activity with cell phones has been growing, from just call and send SMS to social browsing, open social networking, chat.
However, that does not understand why the user is to connect with Internet RUIM card must already gives a chance.
As such, the User can operate on a GPRS network or, if necessary, 3G.

GPRS settings on mobile phones fall into two, namely manual and automatic.
Manual setting is more advisable for the local brand mobile phone.
To them such a Nokia globally. LG, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, or BlackBerry, arrangements can be made via SMS aka OTA (over the air).
Noteworthy is because of the many brands and types of mobile phones and telecommunications products from your card, the way the setting is also was different.

GPRS service activation needs to be done to ensure users mobile phones can access the data.
Generally, in addition to setting GPRS, MMS settings and also carried out 3G.
For operator Telkomsel whose products consist of sympathy, As, Hello cards and, before making the settings, users must enable GPRS service.
How, Type SMS GPRS on no card
(There is no behind the chip card) and send to 6616.

Tariff of Rp 350 per SMS message.
After that, after that the system will provide an SMS notification message
that the maximal activation requests are processed 49 hours.
3G activation is done by typing 3G and send to 3636.

XL GPRS activation is done by
type your mobile phone brands GPRS handset send to 9667.
To activate MMS type mobile phone brands send to 9667.

Different brands sometimes makes the way different types of different GPRS settings.
With more and more local mobile phone brand, sometimes, there is a type mobile phone who can not gives a chance with the general parameters. especially, a new type of supply.
Therefore, as a security measure, when buying a local brand mobile phone sure there are instructions GPRS settings.
Typically, for a local mobile phone brand that already has a name, inside the package sales have been included use of the instructions sheet.

If you wish to GPRS settings from a user-Indosat IM3, Mentari, and Matrix, users can choose between GPRS volume based or duration based.
For volume based, type GPRS mobile phone brand mobile phone type  send to 3000. Free SMS charges.
If you want to type the duration of the duration based type mobile phone brands send to 3000.
If you want to get broadband service, type 3G mobile phone brands type phones send to 3000.
If you want to set manually, the guidelines also differ. (Aan/c1/tia)