Tuesday, October 26, 2010

PHP Program in Mobile

Php Program in Mobile

You've heard PHP, for those of you who never attended school or who are high school
lecture today, may already be familiar with PHP programming language.
PHP is one of the programming being done to create a basic website in addition to HTML.

By using this programming language you can create a website in accordance with your wishes.
PHP is pretty hard to explain if you have never tried to use it one bit, but if you've never tried or studied it, the application PHP mobile is quite handy for you, which is busy and learning difficulties PHP.

Usefulness of this application, very useful to help you memorize the codes PHP with how to write in the phone and then try to change this by a little touch of setting that is in the application.

Applications are downloaded from this www.everaldo.com what you get for free, and can be installed in Symbian phones, by following the steps as follows:

- After successfully downloading this Mobile PHP applications via computer, step
The next is to transfer the application to your phone via bluetooth or can use the data cable / card reader.

- Then do the installation by following the steps well existing installation at install time.

- If you've successfully installed PHP applications this mobile, now try running.

- After a successful run, you will find a blank look like a notepad already filled in the initial display and the cover of PHP.
You can fill PHP language you want to make, then save it with simply pressing abc next to> select file> Save As. Decide where to store you want to use, can be saved in external memory or internal.

- To write the symbol that is required in writing the PHP language, you can
using the numbers 1 and 0.

By using this mobile PHP application, you will not be difficult if a when you need a PHP language that you are made to be on the run on a laptop or PC, simply unplug and mentrasnfernya memory card to your PC or laptop and direct you try running.
Or if you forget when you're learning on campus, you simply open your mobile phone
to see the PHP language that has been created, without having to bother to open the book.