Friday, October 22, 2010

Bowling Superstars

The primary mission of Bowling Superstars game is very simple: just enough heavy ball rolling over the shiny polished wooden track slippery for the pin-shaped bottles lined dropped as much as possible.

You also can choose one of six types of cartoon characters that players can be used as a bowling champion in the sport, of course, each character has its own strengths and skills and different in terms of strength, the ability to play the ball through phone games this and accuracy play ball.

To throw a ball through phone games, just do three times the click, the first to set the direction of the ball on the line sheet, which second set the third round and set the power ball throw.

It's not as easy as imagined by movement direction very quickly, but that's what makes it even more interesting.
You can not repeat the wrong pitch, and the point will still be calculated.
This has been a challenge in this game to always produce an accurate throw to make STRIKE (drops all the pins in one throw the ball) and produces the highest record.

To download this Bowlig Superstars  mobile game, you can download mobile phone games Bowling Superstars via the link below:
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