Thursday, October 14, 2010

UC WEB, Forms & Applications Other Atmosphere Browser To Your Mobile Java MIDP 2.0

Free application (Freeware) is basically speak mandarin, but we can choose an English-language version, perfect for those of you who like to hunt a new application for your favorite phone.
In addition to opera mini as a browser application UCWEB very supportive for those of you who like to browse the site - particularly the mobile site that begins with a wap site (wapsite) because it was designed specifically for mobile devices.

Here are also available traffic account where you can see how much data you have downloaded from the internet via GPRS. you can simply to calculate how much credit you have spent for internet ria if the service provider you use to apply a volume-based pricing (based on the data traffic, such as 1 kb = Rp1, if you use data that has been so for example 364 kb Rp.1 x 364 kb = Rp.364 your pulse that is already in use)
but another service provider than if you apply the system time used (volume based) then the traffic you can ignore this account. And also this application is very rich with the use of option button (option) there is no menu OPEN (homepage, enter the URL, Favorites, Search, Save Local), Menu Navigation (Reload, Back, Forward, Add to favorites, switch window, Close window) , TOOLS menu (Copy, Clipboard, Clear, Find, Zoom image, Save pages, Page Info), PHONE menu (Call, Rotate Screen, View files, Bak end), SETTING menu (System, Image, Shortcut) and EXIT the menu. Front yard we can also get the SEARCH menu, Favorites, and TRAFFIC ACCOUNT HISTORY we have discussed above. Are you interested ...? Please try.