Monday, November 22, 2010

Application of Al-Qur'an

This application is the same as eQuran applications, together The Qur'an presents in digital form portable easy to carry and easy to read anywhere.
It's just have some difference.
This application provides a translation into Indonesian.
Indonesian translation came from Al-Quran Digital 2.1
(Translation kick).

Provide a list of the prayers contained in these letters Al-Quran.
Available interpretation of some letters in the English language (Only available to 8 letters).
For ease of reading, the text the user can zoom in and zoom out.

Can set whether the display text in Arabic, Indonesian or both.
Search words can be arranged by language, words and phrases.
The application also provides features for easy bookmarks read the time on the other.
Also accompanied by an explanation and Asbabun nuzul ( causes of these verses)

This application can be downloaded at available also for mobile java.