Saturday, December 4, 2010

free download 100.000 Ebook

Download 100 000 Free Ebook

Mobile users who like reading ebooks via cell phone can now 100,000 enjoy free ebook just by using the application Wattpad in a shop owned telkomsel AppZone application for Free.

Applications are also commonly referred to as the "Youtube for ebooks" It can be installed through the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android and mobile phones that support the Java platform.

To download Wattpad in AppZone, you need to get into danger
Also available is a variety of mobile app store you use. Actually, the electronic book reader applications are many.
However, Wattpad different from other eBook reader application for collection eBook is in a shipment of Wattpad Wattpad users in the whole world so that the content is more diverse.

Anyone can send them to the literature of Wattpad. And the most interesting, the writing-literary available on Wattpad offered free.
Costs must be paid only for accessing Internet data services. internet connection is a requirement for access Wattpad. after application save in phone memory, features a library that contains a collection of my book can be opened.

Collection of books stored on the server Wattpad is also available in various categories and a wide selection of languages including Indonesian.
Enjoy reading books by phone, anytime and anywhere